Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AutoHotKey is your Friend: Auto Insert your Signature Anywhere

At my current place of employment we have a wonderful ticket system that we can't seem to get away from that really doesn't ever work the way we want. For every new feature they add something else breaks. Though, I've never had the pleasure of working with a ticketing system I did like. At any rate, we respond to users through the ticketing system which sends them a horribly formatted email and sends it from the default Helpdesk account.

So great, now people don't even know its me writing back to them. I like to have the personal touch even when I claim misanthropy constantly to coworkers.

At any rate, AutoHotKey to the rescue! If i can't send from my own email address I can at least sign my name auto-magically.

Grab AutoHotKey and just edit in some code into the default script:

::sig::Yourname {enter} Your Title {enter} Phone{enter}etc
Make sure this is all one one line.

Walla! Never type your signature again. Honestly, I even use this in Outlook now for regular emails.

AHK can, as you might expect, do a heck of a lot more. Check out for some more ideas.


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