Friday, May 18, 2012

Awesome Tool! Remote Desktop Connection Manager

I was flabbergasted recently after talking with a number of peers in the industry that that they are still opening up the old trusty Remote Desktop client for remoting into servers. Some are going to the start menu or have custom made shortcuts to servers but all of them are doing things incredibly inefficiently and wasting their precious time.

Enter Remote Desktop Connection Manager from Microsoft. This tiny little bundle of awesome allows you to connect to multiple servers or desktops at once all with one set of saved credentials. You can create groups each with a separate set of credentials or just inherent credentials from the defaults. You can even auto-preview the desktops of the remote systems all at once in smaller windows all of which are customizable.

You can even export and import groups of clients and servers from a file so as to share a commonly used list of remote systems with our members of your department.

I thoroughly recommend this tool and use it every day myself.

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